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Alocasia Pink Dragon
Alocasia Pink Dragon

Alocasia Pink Dragon


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Native to the tropical rainforests of Southern Asia, Alocasias are fantastic foliage plants grown for their glossy heart shaped leaves and often referred to as ‘Elephant’s Ears’.

This stunning cultivar is a low growing Alocasia featuring dark green scale-like leaves backed with a purple-burgundy colour that makes them stand out.

Size: 140mm Pot

Care Instructions

Alocasias thrive in a well-draining soil, in bright indirect light, indoors, outdoor shade, balconies, and courtyards, protected from direct sun on the leaves. Make sure to give it a good drench when it’s almost dry. Feed your Alocasia every 2-3 weeks through Spring and Summer with a good quality liquid fertiliser and watch her grow! It won’t need to be watered as often through the cooler months, and hold off the fertiliser then too.

It can survive in medium light, but avoid a dark corner. For best results, maintain a regular watering schedule and keep the soil of your Alocasia Pink Dragon damp, but not wet or saturated. This is not a drought-tolerant indoor plant, but it is relatively forgiving if you forget to water it from time to time.

We recommend the Australian made Munash Organics soil food & foliage spray or The Plant Runner Plant Food or neem oil to keep you plants happy and healthy!

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