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Australian Native Tea Canisters
Australian Native Tea Canisters
Australian Native Tea Canisters
Australian Native Tea Canisters
Australian Native Tea Canisters

Australian Native Tea Canisters


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The Rabbit Hole Organic Native Teas are a delight on the senses. 

As Australia's premier tea company, we strive to innovate and share unique experiences with passionate tea lovers.

Our Australian native tea range is an expression of our strong values to empower growers, improve community livelihoods and use tea to facilitate connection and cultural celebration.

As tea masters, we are deeply proud to share our knowledge, experience and relationships with growers to shine a light on native ingredients for the everyday enjoyment of a uniquely Australian taste.”


Strawberry Gum (40g)
Infusing the vast health benefits of green tea with the antioxidant rich Australian native Strawberry Gum creates a memorable experience worth sharing. Intensely aromatic, this natural berry flavoured tea can be enjoyed hot or cold.
Wattleseed Breakfast (55g)
Familiar and immediately comforting, this carefully crafted recipe of traditional English Breakfast tea is enhanced by the rich nuttiness of wild harvested Australian native wattleseed. Perfect on its own (or with a splash of milk) this uniquely Australian taste is a well deserved daily ritual.
Native Mint (25g)
Aromatic and caffeine free, this blend of peppermint alongside wild harvested Australian native River Mint and Peppermint Gum calms the digestive system. Naturally uplifting, this tea can be enjoyed hot or cold.
Bush Lemon & Ginger (50g)
Caffeine free lemon and ginger flavours complemented by the unique taste of Gulbarn, a species of Melaleuca native to Australia. Hand harvested by the Alawa community in Minyerri in the far Northern Territory of Australia, this ancient leaf soothes coughs and colds and can be enjoyed hot or cold.
Kakadu Dreaming (25g)
Wild crafted Jilungin is hand harvested by the Nyul Nyul community in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, This native shrub is reknown for calming the mind, body and spirit. The addition of chamomile makes for a soothing floral nightcap to restore ultimate wellbeing.