Gimme Some Sugar Face and Body Scrubs
Gimme Some Sugar Face and Body Scrubs
Gimme Some Sugar Face and Body Scrubs
Gimme Some Sugar Face and Body Scrubs
Gimme Some Sugar Face and Body Scrubs

Gimme Some Sugar Face and Body Scrubs


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Gimme Some Sugar Face and Body Scrubs is a skincare range that is actually kind to your skin. . . .nothing but nourishment! 6 blends to choose from;

Gimme Some Sugar face and body scrubs are 100% natural and contain only the finest ingredients blended to create the ultimate scrub experience.

They are created by hand in small batches so that we can keep our blends perfectly balanced.

Makers notes:

Peppermint & Rosemary Refresh

The Rosemary and Peppermint oils in this sugar scrub will not only benefit your skin with their healing properties, but they will benefit your mind, too. Both oils have been known to help cure headaches, making this a great combination to calm the senses and relax you while you're being good to your skin.

Coffee & Cacao Detox

Health Benefits – Both coffee and cacao have antioxidants that help fight signs of ageing. Coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin inflammation, reducing rosacea, dark circles under the eyes and signs of UV damage. Cacao contains omega 6 fatty acids that help heal wounds and lighten scars, maintain the elasticity of skin by providing hydration and increased blood flow.
The Mandarin oil gives a vitamin C boost, tightens the skin and refreshes it.

Pink Clay & Grapefruit Detox

Pink Clay and Grapefruit Scrub is a must have.  Our gentle face & body scrub, used weekly, contains ingredients of Australian pink clay, raw brown sugar and Australian sea salt, which together reveal brighter, smooth skin. created using 100% natural ingredients.

This product is specifically designed for delicate, sensitive and dry skin to exfoliate and remove dull surface skin cells leaving your skin clean, smooth and hydrated. Coconut and olive oils infused with Australian grapefruit essential oil assist in the prevention of breakouts. While the pink clay draws out the free radicals and impurities that leave you looking dull and dry.

Green Tea & Ginger

Green tea contains moderate amounts of caffeine. Tea tannins and caffeine both work to shrink blood vessels. This helps to reduce the look of puffy eyes and dark circles. Caffeine also brightens skin, resulting in an appearance that is glowing and rejuvenated
Ginger contains about 40 antioxidants including vitamin C, curcumin and farnesol, which all exhibit anti aging benefits to skin. These antioxidants protect skin cells from free radicals which cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Gimme scrubs are designed to keep skin soft, supple and hydrated.

They are perfect preparation for tanning but also help to remove tan without resorting to harsh chemicals. Gimme some sugar face and body scrubs are suitable for most skin types and can be used on both face and body.

All of the scrubs are 100% natural with no preservatives or synthetic additives and vegan leaving your body silky smooth ready to face the world!

Do your skin a favour and give it some sugar!

Made in Tasmania, Australia