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Organic Cord Overalls- 50% OFF
Organic Cord Overalls- 50% OFF
Organic Cord Overalls- 50% OFF
Organic Cord Overalls- 50% OFF
Organic Cord Overalls- 50% OFF
Organic Cord Overalls- 50% OFF

Organic Cord Overalls- 50% OFF

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I have waited for in great anticipation...for these organic cord overalls in Ocean Easy wear cords with double pockets and gorgeous wooden button detail will pair perfectly with a warm knit for weekend adventures made from 100% organic cord they are warm, super comfy and relaxed!

AUTUMN WINTER 2020 “Coastal Cool Change” Torju is an Australian label that ticks every box for the ethically aware woman. Our collection is certified organic, (sustainable, fair trade) ethically manufactured and most importantly effortlessly stylish. With coastal winter sunrises being quietly breathtaking, Torju’sAW20 colour palette draws inspiration from where the sunrise glow meets dark blue and lilac skies. The serene and undisturbed beauty of the morning ocean was used as inspiration for Torju’s relaxed silhouettes.

The Autumn Winter 2020 range has been carefully put together using breathable organic cotton knitwear, certified organic woven cotton’s as well as the new introduction of organic corduroy. Drawn from the rugged coast of Victoria, you can see the raw beauty in the variety of textures and finishes throughout this collection.

Did you know that organic cotton is bee friendly?

GOTS Certified, Fair Trade, Sustainable & Ethical 

What is GOTS?

Global Organic Textile Standard.

  1. Cotton is secured from GOTS & Oeko-Tex certified supplier- who besides respecting value.
  2. Dyeing & Printing is also done by GOTS &Oeko-Tex certified dyers in strictly Eco-friendly manner:-
  • With "azo-free" & "heavy metal" free certified colors.
  • With mechanical (not chemical) softness treatment.
  • No chlorine bleaches (only oxygen bleach).
  • Remaining residues within limit.
  • The "waste water" is treated to make it pollution free.
  1. Threads for stitching are procured from Oeko-Tex certified “COATS” company.
  2. Zippers are procured from Oeko-Tex certified “YKK” company.
  3. Elastics are procured from Oeko-Tex certified “Best Stretch” company.
  4. Similarly all other material are natural (like buttons) and / or Oeko Tex certified. Our company has strict social justice laws for its own factory as well as its suppliers. Laws & regulation of minimum wages, child labour amenities are well taken care of.