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Umbrella Tree -Schefflera Alpine Junior
Umbrella Tree -Schefflera Alpine Junior

Umbrella Tree -Schefflera Alpine Junior


The Schefflera arboricola [shef-LER-uh ar-bor-ee-KO-luh] or dwarf umbrella tree is a broad-leaved evergreen shrub belonging to the family Araliaceae and hailing from Taiwan and Hainan looking like an umbrella.

When grown in its native climate, these dwarf trees can grow to reach 10’ to 15’ feet tall.

When kept as a houseplant, the arboricola tree usually tops out at about 5’ – 6’ feet fall, 3 feet high is more typical.

130mm pot

Handy Growing Tips:

Dwarf Schefflera is winter hardy but should be grown inside as a house plant in Tasmania.

The Umbrella plant can adapt to a wide variety of light levels but prefers a bright light intensity if possible especially the variegated varieties.

In the summertime, you can move your container plants outside to a sheltered location with bright, partial shade like decks (do not cook your plant)

If you have heating units or air-conditioners, it is best to avoid placing plants underneath or next to them. This is because of the air blowing out from these units can be extremely hot or cold which can leave a healthy plant burnt, damaged and stressed. We recommend the Australian made Munash Organics soil food & foliage spray or The Plant Runner Plant Food or neem oil to keep you plants happy and healthy!

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