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Mojo Beer Bottle Diffuser
Mojo Beer Bottle Diffuser
Mojo Beer Bottle Diffuser
Mojo Beer Bottle Diffuser
Mojo Beer Bottle Diffuser
Mojo Beer Bottle Diffuser
Mojo Beer Bottle Diffuser

Mojo Beer Bottle Diffuser

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Indulge your senses with our modern, glamorous and eco-friendly range - the perfect way to slow down and relax.

Reed Diffusers are the perfect way to freshen up a living area without the need for a naked flame from a candle. The natural fibre reeds continuously release the premium fragrance oils throughout your living space.  Simply turn the reeds over when you notice a decline in the fragrance to recharge and release a new wave of scent!


  • Made from Reclaimed Beer Bottles collected from the bars and cafes of the Sydney's Inner West and the wineries and breweries of the Southern Highlands
  • Hand-poured in small batches with premium-quality reed diffuser oil and premium-grade fragrance oils in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, Australia.
  • Hand-pressed bottle caps
  • Easy to recycle the bottle at the end of its life - give it a quick wash with some hot water and detergent and place in your recycling bin


The Obvious Tips:

  • Do NOT light the diffuser reeds - the oils are flammable!
  • Keep out of reach of kids and pets
  • Place on a flat, even surface away from an area where it can be knocked over
  • Keep away from electrical appliances in the event it does get knocked over
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight, it'll evaporate faster
  • Some surfaces, such as wood, can be damaged or stained if the diffuser is knocked over or drops from the reeds when flipping them.


Place the reed sticks in the bottle's oil and allow them to sit for one hour.  By the end of the hour, you should start to notice the sticks slowly absorbing the oil.  Flip the reeds over to saturate the top part of the reeds that stick out above oil level. This helps to speed up the process of the oil soaking up from the bottom diffusing through the entire reed. Expect a light fragrance to start perfuming your room within 24 hours.

Place your reed diffuser somewhere suitable in your home. Place it where it won't be knocked or investigated by curious children or pets.  

Should I keep my diffuser on a coaster?

If you have the diffuser on an absorptive surface such as wood or concrete, it is definitely a good idea to use a coaster as the oil may run down the reeds, down the side of the bottle and onto the flat surface, and cause a ring stain similar to a tea or coffee mug. The oil will absorb and permanently stain these types of surfaces and would require the surface to be cut back to get rid of it.