Monstera (Monsteria Deliciosa)

Monstera (Monsteria Deliciosa)


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Swiss Cheese Plant isn't as romantic a name as Monstera Deliciosa, but this plant will bring beauty to whatever space it's in.

Its popularity comes from its vibrant color, glossy leaves, and low maintenance. Great as an office plant!

Size: Large 200mm pot

Plant Characteristics

The Monstera is a climbing - in their natural environment, these plants use a tree to latch onto and grow. They have aerial roots that collect its nutrients from that tree rather than the ground.

The monstera part of its name comes from its massive size. Monstera leaves can reach 90 cm in length and 75 cm in width. Indoor plants commonly reach 60-80 cm in height.

In the right environment, this plant will produce flowers and fruit. The term deliciosa comes from the delicious taste of its ripened fruit. Many compare the taste to be a combination of a banana and pineapple.

Its flowers are white and curve inward. You will not likely see the flower or fruit grow from indoor or potted plants.


The Monstera does best with larger pots with plenty of room for them to grow. You will want a pot that allows for water drainage.

Peat moss-based soil with sand is best but a quality potting soil with peat moss is a fine substitute. Tuck the roots of your Monstera into the soil and/or place a moss stick in the pot for support.

Where you put your Monstera will determine how healthy it will be.

The temperature in the room should stay between 18-27 degrees Celsius with average to high humidity. Indoor heating and cooling will dry out the air, so mist the leaves once a week or more if necessary.

Do not put this plant in direct sunlight! Put your Monstera in a room that is bright but has plenty of shade from the sun.

If you want a full and robust Monstera, rotate the pot every week so it grows out evenly in all directions. You can also leave it facing a single direction so the leaves face one direction and the other side lays flat against your wall.
  • Water and Fertilizer

In the Summer, from December to February, water your plant when 2-5 centimeters of the topsoil is dry. This is when your plant is at its peak growing stage.

During June through August in Winter, water when the top 7-12 centimeters is dry. Your plant's growth has slowed during this time and will not need as much care.

When you water your plant, be sure to saturate the soil and allow for drainage. Dump the excess water from the bottom tray into the sink to avoid over-watering your plant.

Every two weeks, use a water-soluble fertilizer to keep your plant healthy and nourished.

We recommend the Australian Munash Organics soil food and foliage spray to keep you plants happy and healthy!

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