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Fruit Salad Plant (Monstera Deliciosa)

Fruit Salad Plant (Monstera Deliciosa)


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ALL plants shipped OUTSIDE Tasmania are now sent bare root. Do not fear this is the best way to get them all the way to you in the best possible condition. They come carefully wrapped in damp sphagnum moss to make the journey and the original pot to pop them back in once they arrive or choose a fab new pot from our range of pots.

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Monstera deliciosa may sound like a spell from Harry Potter, but it is in fact a beautiful flowering plant native to the tropical forests of Southern Mexico and Guatemala, and is probably one of the most famous indoor plants. If you’ve got paparazzi lurking outside your home, it could be that you have a particularly good-looking Monstera deliciosa growing inside.

Also known as a Fruit Salad Plant, which is more about when it fruits than it’s leaf shape, the Monstera deliciosa is beloved for its ease of care and its ability to become a focal point with its striking good looks.

Whether you are already the proud owner of a Fruit Salad Plant or you are looking to enrich your home with one, we have a few tips for you to keep your plant super healthy.

Its popularity comes from its vibrant color, glossy leaves, and low maintenance. Great as an office plant!

Size: Large 130mm pot ESTABLISHED

Put him in bright indirect light and only water when dry - that’s it, simple.

Tauerii’s hefty scalloped foliage perched on long delicate-looking stems also softens outdoor spaces. He looks tropically amazing in the garden, but a word of warning - if you put him directly into the ground he may take over. The roots are invasive so we recommend keeping Monstera in a pot.

This handsome chap suits any home decor and digs the poolside in particular but keep him in the shade or the foliage will burn but if he doesn’t get enough lgiht the plant may not develop as many perforations in his leaves.
Water and Fertilizer
    • In the Summer, from December to February, water your plant when 2-5 centimeters of the topsoil is dry. This is when your plant is at its peak growing stage.
    • During June through August in Winter, water when the top 7-12 centimeters is dry. Your plant's growth has slowed during this time and will not need as much care.
    • When you water your plant, be sure to saturate the soil and allow for drainage. Dump the excess water from the bottom tray into the sink to avoid over-watering your plant.
    • Every two weeks, use a water-soluble fertilizer to keep your plant healthy and nourished.
We recommend the Australian made Munash Organics soil food & foliage spray or The Plant Runner plant food or neem oil to keep you plants happy and healthy!