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Like a Taco on a Tuesday Night – they are best used together!

The soil and the plant/foliage live happily together – but they both need different types of food to keep them healthy. 

Are you a green addict who loves your indoor plants as much as we do?

Are you the envy of all your friends with your uncanny ability to grow lush beautiful indoor foliage?

Or are you the other end of the spectrum – you love them but kill everything green around you due to your dreaded black thumb plus inability to water frequently due to The Lazy Gardner Disease? Either way, hold on tight – we have something that will revolutionise the way you view your indoor plants forever.

The powerhouse combination of these two products gives a killer left – right hook in the fight to keep your plants in tip top form.

Whilst you are sitting back and admiring your new green super-powers, and instagramming the hell out of your glistening leaves, you’ll also be able to rest your conscience with the fact that all Munash Organics products are 100% safe, 100% natural and have the organic tick of approval and made in Australia.

Delivery - Spend $89 or more online in our plantary and we offer FREE delivery within Tasmania (not including PO BOX) our plants come via courier Fast Way.