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Peperomia Clusifolia
Peperomia Clusifolia
Peperomia Clusifolia

Peperomia Clusifolia


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Peperomia enjoy bright or moderate light conditions and will tolerate shade. Avoid direct sunlight. They do really well under fluorescent lights, making them ideal for the office or basement flat. Water: Water when the soil has almost dried out, Radiator Plants don't like to be over-watered.

You may also hear it called by its common names such as peperomia raindrop or coin plant.

130mm pot

Pay attention to the soil. To avoid over-watering, stick one finger in the soil. If the soil is dry, water the plant, no water in winter!

Add a balanced fertilizer once per month during the warmer months.

If you have heating units or air-conditioners, it is best to avoid placing plants underneath or next to them. This is because of the air blowing out from these units can be extremely hot or cold which can leave a healthy plant burnt, damaged and stressed. We recommend the Australian made Munash Organics soil food & foliage spray or The Plant Runner Plant Food or neem oil to keep you plants happy and healthy!

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130mm POT


*Disclaimer:  We pack our gorgeous plants for shipment extremely carefully, however we do ask that you keep in mind that once they leave our store, we cannot guarantee how carefully they are handled in transit. We cannot guarantee they have been sung to or talked to by the postmen!

So, if a leaf is a little bent, bruised or maybe a small stem broken off, we cannot control this. If by some chance your plant did not arrive alive, never fear, we have got you covered just email our customer service team with a quick we will either replace the plants pronto or refund you.