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The plant also goes by the common name “coin-leaf peperomia” and is native to tropical regions of South America, including parts of Colombia and Peru.

Some call the plant the “Chinese Money Plant” [Pilea peperomioides] assuming they are the same. They do have similar leaf shapes.

You may also hear it called by its common names such as peperomia raindrop or coin plant.

Caring for the coin-leaf peperomia is not hard, but you may want to review a few basic plant care tips.

Size; Small 1300mm pot

Light and Temperature

This is a hardy plant if you place it in the right spot. When grown indoors, place Peperomia Polybotrya near a window with bright light.

However, avoid direct afternoon sunlight, which may burn the leaves.

The general temperature range for this plant is 65°- 80° degrees. It prefers cool, humid conditions, but may tolerate the warmer temperatures during the summer.

When grown outdoors, place the coin Peperomia in an area where it gets no direct sunlight and plenty of partial shade, especially if you live in a region where temperatures exceed 80° degrees in the summer.

Watering and Feeding

During the spring and summer, thoroughly water plants and allow the soil to dry between watering.

It’s easy to over-water these plants if you’ve never cared for succulent peperomia plants before. The stems and leaves store water, which allows the plant to go longer without water.

Pay attention to the soil. To avoid over-watering, stick one finger in the soil. If the soil is dry, water the plant.

Add a balanced fertilizer once per month during the warmer months.

We recommend the Australian Munash Organics soil food and foliage spray to keep you plants happy and healthy!

In the winter, limit the watering and stop fertilizing.

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