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Willow Woods Vase
Willow Woods Vase
Willow Woods Vase

Willow Woods Vase


These beautiful  propagation vessels can be used for propagating your indoor plants while making a statement in your home. This wooden holder can sometimes have pitting and rough sections or be smooth and flawless. Thats the beauty of timber - no two pieces are the same! 

The perfect gift for friends and family, looks great and brings greenery to work spaces and desks. Fantastic to have in the kitchen with vibrant and aromatic herbs. Can also be used as a vase. 

“At Willow Woods we hand craft botanical holders for plant enthusiasts, bringing style to water propagation. As one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to multiply your already existing plants its no wonder its become so popular amongst the house plant scene. Its also a great way to share and explore new plants and watch them grow!


1 Glass - 495ml
1 Wooden disk (centre hole cut-out 45mm)
Care instruction card


W O O D   I N F O 

Marri is a distinctive bloodwood native to Western Australia. It is an adaptable tree that grows in both jarrah and karri forests in the state's southwest, from north of Geraldton to Cape Riche and inland beyond Narrogin, and can also be found on the Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Scarp. 

Marri's yellow to pale brown heartwood and paler to white sapwood contrast beautifully with the dark red gum that features on the tree's trunk. It has a coarse but even texture with slightly interlocked grain. The finished timber is honey-coloured with a distinctive vein structure.