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Seljak Wool Peak Blanket
Seljak Wool Peak Blanket
Seljak Wool Peak Blanket
Seljak Wool Peak Blanket
Seljak Wool Peak Blanket
Seljak Wool Peak Blanket
Seljak Wool Peak Blanket

Seljak Wool Peak Blanket


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The Seljak Peak blanket is inspired by bush-walking and views of gum trees after a climb. Made of deadstock upholstery yarn at a mill in Geelong, Victoria, this durable blanket is perfect for indoors and outTake picnicking, on an adventure or stay cosy at home with Seljak Peak.

  • 225cm x 150cm
  • Whipstitch finish
  • 96% wool | 4% nylon
  • Made in Australia from deadstock yarn
  • Closed loop, sustainable, ethically made
  • For every blanket sold, we donate $5 to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • Extend the life of your blanket by following the care instructions below.

What is deadstock yarn?

Mills are left with ‘deadstock’ yarn if it's over-ordered or their customers change their designs or quantities last minute. The yarn sits unused in the warehouse gathering dust and getting moth-eaten and eventually gets sent to landfill. The yarn in the Peak blanket is made from leftover yarn from an airline upholstery job. 

Closing the loop


Care for your blanket

Merino wool is very low maintenance for a highly performing material. Wicking means merino fibre can absorb and evaporate large quantities of moisture. This is why merino is lightweight and warm when wet, quick drying, breathable, insulating and odour resistant. Additionally, the natural oils in the wool mean the material is not easily stained and it's naturally antibacterial. Help extend your blanket’s life by following these instructions:

  • Air out your blanket by hanging it in the sun. 
  • Brush to remove any excess dirt.
  • Spot clean dirty marks and spills with lukewarm soapy water.
  • Machine wash at maximum 30 degrees with a wool wash and hang dry. Do not tumble dry.
  • Dry clean if necessary. 

Remember that reducing machine washing extends your blanket’s life and reduces energy and water consumption.

If your blanket pills, or develops small balls of gathered fibres across its surface, you can:

  • Use a fabric comb or electric fabric shaver to carefully remove the bobbles or
  • Use a sharp standard razor, hold the garment taut and gently shave off the pills. Collect the cut-offs with a lint roller or adhesive tape.