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String Of Turtles- Peperomia- TAS ONLY

String Of Turtles- Peperomia- TAS ONLY


The String of TurtlesPeperomia prostrata is a slow-growing perennial succulent belonging to the family piperaceae.

Native to the rainforests of Brazil, ‘prostrata’ has several names:

They have beautiful ornamental leaves, make attractive hanging baskets, and are easy to care for under average room conditions.

Since they originate from South American rainforests, they thrive in loamy, wet conditions.

100mm pot


Handy Growing Tips:

Prostrata is a miniature peperomia plant with tiny, fleshy, succulent leaves, only one-fourth of an inch wide.

It has a small-spadix like structure, with creeping or trailing leaves and white veins.

The height of the plant is approximately 1″ inch to 4″ inches, and its width is approximately 4″ inches.

When potted, this vining plant may form a thick mat and cascade over the sides of the container.

Foliage and Flowering

Peperomia prostate has tiny dark green and blue variegated fleshy button leaves, which look like they are swollen with water.

They have a beautiful pattern of white veins, which range in color from maroon, to dark blue to purple, on young new growth, and turn silvery-white as the leaves age.

The flowers are insignificant. If the plant does flower, it produces tiny cream flowers on long flower spikes. These flowers have no scent.

Light and Temperature

Bright light can help peperomia prostrata grow well.

If the leaves are dark green, do not expose plants to too much direct sunlight as it can harm them.


If you have heating units or air-conditioners, it is best to avoid placing plants underneath or next to them. This is because of the air blowing out from these units can be extremely hot or cold which can leave a healthy plant burnt, damaged and stressed. We recommend the Australian made Munash Organics soil food & foliage spray or The Plant Runner Plant Food or neem oil to keep you plants happy and healthy!

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