Peperomia (Variegated)
Peperomia (Variegated)
Peperomia (Variegated)

Peperomia (Variegated)


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The peperomia sports foliage that is highly ornamental in its own right. Leaves may be textured or smooth; red, green, gray, or purple; variegated, marbled, or solid; large, heart-shaped, or tiny. Plants throughout the peperomia genus may look so different from one to the next, that it's difficult to discern if they are even related, but one thing all peperomia plants have in common is that they are slow-growing and low maintenance.

How to Grow Peperomia

The peperomia plant is a smart choice for the beginning houseplant enthusiast. Not only are they forgiving plants that tolerate some benign neglect, but the spectacular variety of colors and textures between species means that you can amass an interesting collection of plants for every style and space, all of which require the same care.


Peperomia plants need a med to bright light to maintain their vibrant foliage colors. Morning light and filtered light is fine, as well as 12 to 16 hours of artificial light. Insufficient light will result in fewer leaves, leaf drop, and drab coloration.

The succulent leaves of peperomia plants indicate that the plants don't need
frequent watering to maintain vigor. Allow the surface of the soil to dry out between watering. Keeping the peperomia on the dry side is better than saturating it, which leads to root rot and funga problems.


When it comes to fertilizing, less is more for the peperomia. As a slow-growing epiphyte, the peperomia can go its entire life without supplemental fertilizer, getting what it needs from its planting media.

We recommend the Australian Munash Organics soil food and foliage spray to keep you plants happy and healthy!

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