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White-Water Bead Planter Pot - Angus & Celeste
White-Water Bead Planter Pot - Angus & Celeste
White-Water Bead Planter Pot - Angus & Celeste
White-Water Bead Planter Pot - Angus & Celeste
White-Water Bead Planter Pot - Angus & Celeste

White-Water Bead Planter Pot - Angus & Celeste


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The Angus & Celeste ‘White-Water’ Bead glaze collection resembles tiny droplets of water beading onto this crisp high-fired clay body. These exceptional planters are highly crafted and glazed carefully in ‘reticulated glaze.’ Reticulation glazes are otherwise known as crawling glazes, cleverly created by adding large percentages of magnesium carbonate to the glaze mix. The shrinkage in the kiln firing between the clay body and the glaze reveals the clay underneath. The textured surface has an incredibly tactile quality and feels great to touch. This beautiful glazed texture is applied and fired onto vitrified stoneware clay. The subtle colouring in the earthy ceramic is paired with the crisp white glaze and is sure to complement the natural foliage in just about any plant!

Materials High-fired Stoneware clay body with Reticulation glaze.
Dimensions Plant Pot: 17cm diameter, 17cm deep.
Drip Tray: 17cm diameter, 6cm deep.


The hanging planters are available in 2 functional sizes for different interior spaces. A drainage hole and rubber stopper are included in the base of the planter for professional planting. These hanging pots come complete with our trademark clean-look cable system made from durable white-coated stainless steel. Perfect for indoor spaces and fantastic for outdoor use!

The planter pot comes with a drainage hole and a deep drip tray to keep your plant well-drained and healthy. The deep tray allows for water to be topped up while you are away, or in warm climates where more frequent watering is required.
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"Our mission is simple, to create original, beautiful and functional objects that accentuate and add life to all types of spaces for people to live and interact."
The Angus & Celeste brand of design demands ethical, intimate and hands-on relationships throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. Unable to keep up with the demand of hand-making every item the designers began to collaborate with carefully selected ceramic experts. We have developed close and personal partnerships with each of our local and international potteries that produce the Angus & Celeste trademark product range. Each part of the production process is closely and personally overseen. We have a deep appreciation for the level of care, dedication and skill required to make each unique design a reality.