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Is Australia's obsession with new clothes and 'fast fashion' textiles hurting the environment and ultimately us?

STOP, BREATH, SLOW DOWN AND WATCH! Watch one small Tasmanian company committed to creating slow quality fashion one stitch at a time keeping a dying tradition alive in Australia, creating jobs, showing small can be better for you, the environment and others! 

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Who thinks wool is ONLY for cold climates?

When it comes to finding the perfect wool scarf, The Spotted Quoll Studio has it all wrapped up. Since 2009, our innovative Tasmanian Company has been creating the highest quality eco-friendly clothing and lifestyle wears, including some of the finest silk, linen and wool scarves you can buy. And, what’s more is they’re all made right here in Australia. Model Freya wears loose weave merino scarf in the new season colour Forest. Model Freya wears loose weave merino scarf in Indigo. Designed to fit in with the current global slow fashion movement, our ladies and men’s scarves are fashioned from the most luxurious materials, including merino wool from the iconic Waverly Woollen Mills, the oldest textile mill in Australia. Our lightweight...

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Bigger is better...

                         When it comes to this seasons OVERSIZED, BIG drape scarves are on trend, and lucky for us Aussie winters (especially Tasmania) can be looong and cold not that any of us are ready to admit that with shortening days, cooler mornings...winter is on the move! As I have gotten older I guess there is a small part of me that thinks bugger the long dreary winters I refuse to be cold, I refuse to be beige and sure as HELL refuse to be dressed all winter in GREY!! I will wear colour, I will be warm and I will look fab in winter as well as summer. So get a little funky,...

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