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About us

 Phone: 0362953748


166 Liverpool Street, Hobart TAS 7000

OPEN -  6 Days

Winter (May-Sept)

Weekdays -10am -5pm

Saturdays -10am -2pm

Summer (Oct- April)

Weekdays -9.30 am -5.30 pm

Saturdays -10 am -2 pm

SQ Team

Founder/Director - Tamika Bannister
I am the founder, director, designer, maker and captain of this amazing ship. The SQ Studio was founded in 2009 with nothing more than a vision. With over a decade of experience in sales and marketing a move to the "creative side" has refreshed my soul and made me a passionate convert to the global slow fashion movement...and made me age about 10 years, plus mum to a busy little boy also know as Master Withington.


Retail Store/Wholesale Co-ordinator - Angela Letchford
Designer and owner of Apooki Tasmanian made jewellery and accessories, Ange is my right hand lady, she is the list maker, organiser and keeps me on track in busy times, and I wouldn’t be without her...although Ange does have trouble finding things hence the new term "having an Ange look".

Fashion Design Co-ordinator - Alex Snep

Alex has many years’ experience in the production/manufacturing industry; Alex juggles work with us co-ordinating and making our fashion collections plus a busy mum and studying to be a Fashion Curator. Alex is my go to for solutions and advice with our evolving production and constant changing lines and she helps out with our fashion shoots, we love Alex and her can do attitude.

Home & Lifestyle Co-ordinator- Lisa Philips
Lisa has over 26 years in the sewing and manufacturing industry in Tasmania and brings extensive hands on knowledge to the SQ Studio Team and calls the boss "Sunshine" think she maybe looking for a pay rise!

Founding Model - Freya Griffin
Freya has been the face of The SQ Studio since its inception. Freya is a marketing guru by day and SQ model in her spare time. Freya has been a constant for our brand with her abundant enthusiasm and wild nature and can do attitude, she encapsulates the very essence of our brand and we wouldn’t be here without her.


Collaborations- Master Withington (5 years old)

Young local artist called Master Withington  he has a daring, adventurous abstract free style that we just love, we would describe his work as a mini Jackson Pollock with a splash of Pro heart. Master Withington’s work is textured and tactile you will just need it in your space… for without it life will be most dull!

The Full SQ Story

On a winter’s night two years ago, I sat at the attic window of a secluded sandstone shack in the heart of Freycinet Tasmania. I was mesmerised by a huge yellow moon so full and bright that I couldn't sleep. Heavy surf pounded the shoreline close by and rattled the old windows...birds chirped cheerily in the nearby bushland as they settled and roosted for the night. In the dark of the night, with the light of the moon as a back drop, the world seemed to be outlined with black ink marker. In those moments I realised that something had to change in my life, it was a fleeting certainty, but a moment in time that changed everything. I just knew that there was no going back and that my purpose was to make a change in my life, one that would have a positive effect on others and most importantly be part of a positive change in the world, one that embraced change rather than ignoring the problem as being too big to fix!

This was the setting for the birth of The Spotted Quoll Studio. The next morning I woke early to see a sea mist burning away in the gentle sunshine of a Tasmanian Winter's day. The first thing I grabbed was a clean white piece of paper and a pen, and started jotting down all the ideas that had swirled around in my head most of the night, inspiration pouring out and onto the page.

Hours disappeared before I emerged to realise that in one weekend (and over a few good bottles of fine Tassie Pinot) I had put together an entire business plan: to create environmentally inspired designs for the home & body, based on the natural, native flora and fauna surrounding me. I wanted to not only bring awareness of our natural wonders to the table, but a real plan to educate people about our endangered species and to contribute financially to saving them...and I have to admit the selfish side of me really wanted to be inspired and to work towards accomplishing change every single day.

The Ethos of The SQ Studio:

To create beautiful, ethical wares, featuring original, environmentally inspired designs captured from the natural beauty around us, in an environmentally sustainable manner that evokes thought for the future and the preservation of the wilderness and the fragile species that live within it.

The SQ Studio is a supporter of by regular donations to save the Tasmanian devil from extinction. We also support many other worthwhile projects and donate too many causes that benefit the environment or endangered species. We are also proud to work with or source components from certified fair trade workshops globally. The SQ Studio long term goal is to increase vital employment opportunities here in Tasmanian both in manufacturing, retail and design and fashion industries.