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A phenomenon called “Throw Cushionitis” has swept through Aussie men like a dose of the gastro leaving a path of havoc in its wake!

A phenomenon has swept through Australian men like a dose of gastro in a child care centre, known as “throw cushionitis” the general fear and dislike has simply overwhelmed Aussie men with some pretty severe and alarming symptoms that have been proven to worsen or heighten in the presence of other Aussie men with like mindedness. Symptoms include profuse sweating, eyes glazing over, jittery legs, heart papulations and uncontrolled verbal outburst in public for example; we have far TOO MANY cushions already!!! Why do you need more CUSHIONS? What do you do with them all?? And it gets even more alarming in some cases threaten the said cushion with mortal violence…I will throw them OUT if you buy anymore cushions, I...

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I design.

 I design. What does this even mean anyway? Well as glamourous as "I am a designer" sounds I can assure you it isn’t as glam as it might sound... As a founder of The SQ Studio an Australian responsible fashion and home wares label in Tasmania and mother to a 4.5 year boy called Eli my life is anything but. I am designer, I am sales staff, I am marketing, I am creative director, I am boss lady, I am cleaner, I am warehouse girl, I am order packer, problem solver, lady who pays everyone, sometimes I am sure bitch lady, general dogs body, mamma and partner to a very patient man that for some reason or another puts up...

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