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Why we have the best Tee shirts in the world!

I know this is a big claim to make but we can back it up with the goods! Firstly what makes a humble old T-shirt good, not just good but the best in the world? Well for one who is tired of them looking all shiny and new when they leave the store and after the very first wash it now looks like you have slept on a park bench for a week it's out of shape, faded and shrunk?  Also have you ever considered if you are paying $10 for it how the hell anyone can actually make it for this price? Let me let you in on a little secret...no one can! Someone is paying for it just...

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Is Australia's obsession with new clothes and 'fast fashion' textiles hurting the environment and ultimately us?

STOP, BREATH, SLOW DOWN AND WATCH! Watch one small Tasmanian company committed to creating slow quality fashion one stitch at a time keeping a dying tradition alive in Australia, creating jobs, showing small can be better for you, the environment and others! 

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Who thinks wool is ONLY for cold climates?

When it comes to finding the perfect wool scarf, The Spotted Quoll Studio has it all wrapped up. Since 2009, our innovative Tasmanian Company has been creating the highest quality eco-friendly clothing and lifestyle wears, including some of the finest silk, linen and wool scarves you can buy. And, what’s more is they’re all made right here in Australia. Model Freya wears loose weave merino scarf in the new season colour Forest. Model Freya wears loose weave merino scarf in Indigo. Designed to fit in with the current global slow fashion movement, our ladies and men’s scarves are fashioned from the most luxurious materials, including merino wool from the iconic Waverly Woollen Mills, the oldest textile mill in Australia. Our lightweight...

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I design.

 I design. What does this even mean anyway? Well as glamourous as "I am a designer" sounds I can assure you it isn’t as glam as it might sound... As a founder of The SQ Studio an Australian responsible fashion and home wares label in Tasmania and mother to a 4.5 year boy called Eli my life is anything but. I am designer, I am sales staff, I am marketing, I am creative director, I am boss lady, I am cleaner, I am warehouse girl, I am order packer, problem solver, lady who pays everyone, sometimes I am sure bitch lady, general dogs body, mamma and partner to a very patient man that for some reason or another puts up...

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