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Is Australia's obsession with new clothes and 'fast fashion' textiles hurting the environment and ultimately us?

STOP, BREATH, SLOW DOWN AND WATCH! Watch one small Tasmanian company committed to creating slow quality fashion one stitch at a time keeping a dying tradition alive in Australia, creating jobs, showing small can be better for you, the environment and others! 

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The truth behind our Eco Beads...

Our story is one of eco love! Adorn yourself with treasures from ancient forests near and far, this collection features Tasmanian specialty timbers including Huon Pine, Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Blackwood and Sassafras, mixed with recycled metals & glass from tribes in African (fair trade of course), we combine beads made from bovine bones that are beautiful tactile and authentically cool also from Africa (one of the things we love that the entire cow is honoured & used) while providing much needed income for women in the villages.  The POP comes from using the vibrant Tagua Seeds, found in the swampy shadows of the tropical rainforest in South America. We LOVE working with Tagua seeds. Why? Many reasons, they are collected by women in rural communities, cleaned, polished and dyed. Over the decades...

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