Bamboo fabric had me at NO iron, but then it feels like silk and is totally amazing to wash and wear what isn't there to LOVE! 

Bamboo is breathable and so cool to wear plus incredibly hydrophilic, absorbing more water than other conventional fibres such as cotton and polyester.

Bamboo Storm top in Oyster paired with printed bamboo scarf in Feather
 Merino & Bamboo Two Way Top in Black & Oyster,
paired with Ocean Bamboo Scarf


Bamboo is one of the few sustainable fabrics to grow as it does not require the use of pesticides and grows very quickly in favourable conditions. Bamboo fabric has a natural anti-bacterial property that is maintained in the fabric, meaning that bamboo fabric does not require the use of chemical antibacterial agents.
Bamboo Storm Top in Oyster paired with Printed Bamboo Scarf
in Botanicals, Storm Bamboo Top in Carbon paired with Merino
& Silk Tights, Recycled Wool Vest with indigo stitch.


"We use bamboo more and more in our ranges, printed bamboo scarves, dresses, tops, pants, I am such a convert I have even changed my bedding and towels at home to bamboo." 
Tamika Bannister -SQ Studio Director


Bamboo fabric is more antistatic than other types of fabric and also tends to perform better when it comes to odours it has a natural deodorising properties.


"That fact that bamboo is a sustainable ECO fabric is nearly just a bonus when you consider all the other elements that make bamboo the fabric that it is and this is why I think Bamboo is the BOMB!"
Tamika Bannister -SQ Studio Director

At SQ Studio we LOVE our Bamboo, we think you will too!