Who doesn't want to be the envy of their friends with the biggest most lush plants?

Good news is we have detailed our easiest top 6 tips for the most lush plants and now you can be the plant expert and share the gold with all your friends!

Ssssh we won’t tell a soul...


  1.  Less is more
    95% of plant deaths are from over loving, too much water, too much fussing. So, take a chill pill, admire them from a far and for the love of god DON'T OVER-WATER them! LOL

    2. Shower Time
    We recommend a monthly routine of popping you plant babies in the shower, it's a great way to de-dust them, water and keep them lush and happy. Or likewise popping them outside in a good rain is just as perfect.

    3. Slow Release
    If you are like me and are time poor use a slow-release fertiliser on appropriate plants, so when you water, they get the nutrients and minerals they require with no fuss from you.

    4. Oil Me Up Baby
    There are lots of products people try to sell you when you are plant mad, but one I honestly believe you cannot live without is a good natural neem oil, keeps your leaves healthy, eliminates bugs and make the leaves shinny and long term protects them from bug infestations, or use it for infestations as a natural treatment.

    5. Personalities
    Like people all plants have different personalities and needs, some are easy going and others are finicky and hard work so choose a plant that suits your needs and think about where it will be living. If you buy your plants from a place that can also offer advice, they can help match the right plant for the right spot, this will reduce plant deaths and unsuitable plants.

    6. Perfect Pot
    No matter you taste in decor a good pot is certainly part of your plant experience, choosing a plant and a pot to go with is part of the joy of being a plant parent. Do choose a pot not just on looks alone but on practicality. Our favourite Australian made pots are Mr Kitly, self -watering which is the key to happy plants. You may say “but I like to water mine from the top”. And so, do I, but self-watering pots are great for preventing root rot the most common plant killer. Self-watering allows your plants to keep their feet dry when watering from the top the excess water is able to go through to the below tank and if you are heading away you can fill the bottom tank so your plant may access the water as required.