Recently we were excited that we had a sprawling six-page article written in Forty South Tasmania Magazine by Isabel Howard a local journalist and SQ Team member on and off over the years.


It tells the rich history of what we now call the old Launceston Armory, home to our small wandering factory among the turbo chooks and farmlands of Glebe Farm owned by Joe Pentridge a rather quirky Tasmanian born Croatian entrepreneur who I was lucky enough to meet through a mutual friend.

I have to say Joe's and my friendship is an unlikely one given the age difference and in a lot of ways cultural differences, but it is one I am grateful for. We have such interesting conversations about business, life, and everything in-between, it is a friendship that has enriched my thinking and challenged a lot of my own thought process, which isn’t always an easy thing.

Likewise, I have proven to be the same for him, but for the most part we have been able to accept our differences and enjoy the richness that comes from friendships outside of our usual circles.

The tale of the Dynamite, bunkers, and The Spotted Quoll Studio captures the essence of the buildings themselves indeed but for me this story tells of what is possible when we work together, unlikely friendships and courage to take risks at a time when we couldn't be blamed from curling up and letting the tsunami of fear wash over us!


(Dale, Joe & I at the factory Grand Opening November 2021)

Much Love Tamika XX