Each year like everyone else I leave getting ready for Xmas to the very last second. Why? Well I had a good think about it this year and all I could come up with is we are so dam busy in our modern lives that it isn't just Xmas that I leave to the very last minute it is everything!

Although I didn't join the circus is sure feels like it most days juggling, juggling, juggling!

My most said phrase is "if only I had more hours in a day". Sound  familiar? 

Well I cant say I have worked out the magic button to make more hours in a day but what I can offer to all those overworked, overstretched manic Xmas shoppers is this...


Not only is our site mobile device friendly (means you can shop from your arm chair) we are Aussie made and we offer you the MOST AMAZING XMAS SERVICE ever!!!

We will beautifully wrap your chosen gift/gifts, write your desired message on the card and post it to your loved one ALL FREE of charge!!! The only thing you need to do is chose the gift...that's the fun part, right!

Step.1 Select from our range of Aussie made gifts

Step.2 Change shipping address details to gift recipient (so Santa can find them)

Step. 3 Add to the comments section or email me at thespottedquoll@bigpond.com your message of cheer and goodwill and we will hand write it on your behalf.

Meanwhile you don't need to move from the comfort of your armchair.

Important note: Please note we are in Tasmania the post takes (especially at Xmas time) a lot longer than from anywhere else in Australia, so we beg you don't leave your gift selection to the last minute. Gifts bought after the 11th of December may not make it in time to be placed under the tree.

Happy Xmas Shopping!! XXX

Lot's of love Tamika