How excited are we to share with you our exciting recent news that we have finally found the perfect place to set up our new factory!

You know what we are most proud of? YOU!

Why are we proud of you, you may ask?

Well during one of the most profoundly difficult times in our modern history, a global pandemic no less, you dug dig and committed to buying Australian made, because of your strong desire to buy local and support slow ethical on shore manufacturing we have been able to achieve huge things!

We now employee over 15 people and growing both in our store and factory (during COVID we double our work force), what this has meant for us? Instead of putting people off and going into survival mode we have move up a gear, we see a bright future, we have employed, and we have invested in our countries future for manufacturing back in Australia.

Are we proud? You bet yeah!!!

Are we super excited for our future? More than ever!!!

Our new factory has its own historic story to tell, we have repurposed the abandoned Launceston Powder Magazine compound...goose bumps!!!

History of the Armory!

The Powder Magazine or as we call it today the Old Launceston Armory is six isolated buildings on the river flats of Glebe Gardens, the explosives bunker detonator sheds and powder magazine plus two identical ordnance sheds.

We have repurposed the two ordnance buildings as our cutting and finishing rooms, with the old Gate House building as our machining rooms.

The buildings within the compound was built around the 1850s and continued to serve the military through to the Second World War, the site is located on agricultural land and is privately owned and maintained.

Oh we absolutely LOVE the history of these old buildings sitting on the river banks scattered with native hens, mountain ducks and black swans, it as a privileged to call this place home. All possible because of the kind and generous owner of the land Joe Pentridge who has encourage and supported our local endeavors. #thankyou

Stay tuned for factory tours...

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