We get asked this a lot so I thought I would go through the main differences between our best-selling organic bean bag and bean chair and what applications each is best for so you can make a more informed decision.

Pictured above bean bag in Moss Green & Bean Bag in Heather Grey.

We originally started with the Bean Bag design; this is more like a traditional bean bag you would remember back from the retro era. It sits more upright, our design is made up of five main panels which feature a natural blanket stitch that contrast against the wool and strengthens the seams. This more upright style is good for those that do not like to be to low so getting in and out is easier for those with knee troubles for example. The bean bag also takes up much less room with approx. 1msq footprint, the bean bag tucks away easily into corners or under stairs when not in use. Both styles have a magazine pocket which doubles for hiding chocolates.LOL

The bean bag fits well into all homes with a classic style whether it be new contemporary, renovated character home, shack or anything in between, perfect for lounge, decks (undercover) entertainment spaces or kids’ rooms they are perfect to snuggle down into by a log fire and read a book. Both look great on timbers floors adding warmth and texture to polished cement.

Pictured above the bean bag in heather grey with organic carbon throw and lichen cushion.

We have sold both bean bags and bean chairs into commercial applications for communal spaces and perfect for relaxing spaces at accommodation, both can be filled with a choice of Eco fillings like furniture foam off cuts or buckwheat husks or a mix of both. If you are using traditional poly beans you can mix them with furniture foam if you like to reduce the poly fill use.

Do note most fillings will need topping up at some point as it eventually squashes down and gets a little flat, this is a personal thing so only you will know when this needs to happen.

We have found that some customers love to group bean bags or chairs together like one of our customers who decked out her attic space for the kids with warm timber floors, gallery white walls and three carbon bean bags paired with woven grass rugs to create a calm comfortable hang out space for quite book reading or friends sleepovers.


The Bean Chair

The bean chair has a lower more contemporary profile sits lower to the floor with a bigger footprint approx. 1.5 width across the front seam going back into almost a triangle shape 1.5 depth making the bean chair perfect for those that have more space to spare it is a bit harder to get in and out of so not as great for those that have knee troubles, but is by far the most comfortable I have slept in mine for hours cuddle up with a book and you honestly never want to leave. The chair has less stitching only featuring a little on the very front seam and magazine pocket, the zipper runs down the back seam. Called a chair due its seat like shape when sitting in it with designed back support, the bean chair has a stand-alone personality making it a showstopper in any space. Good news is it can fit more than one, if need be, as one thing I can promise is once you have a bean chair everyone will want one and, in our house, its first in first served! LOL

Ether way it is a hard choice to decide which way to go bean bag or bean chair? Then the next choice is colour, do I stay neutral with heather grey or carbon or do a add a little wild card with moss green, red, forest or my new favourite inky indigo (still neutral enough) but looks great in a beach side shack or boys room and looks really fab with lots of whites, greys even add a little warm basket tones this add layers and warmth to the space, I would be tempted to add big red or blue stripes for fun.

Both come with an inner bag made of sturdy calico with a zipper and outer bag made of 100% Organic Wool dyed with Eco dyes (or its no point having organically grown wool if you are going to fill it up with chemicals).

Best thing about our wool bean bags or chairs is every stitch is made by us in our little factory (Launceston historical old Armory) in northern Tasmania, Australia. Our bean bags are made with comfort, quality, and longevity in mind, buy well, buy once!