Australian businesses helping each other is something we feel is SUPER important here at SQ.
We LOVE sharing the love, supporting and cross marketing businesses with values that align with our own.
Dare I say even more so than how much we LOVE our plants, and we do, we really do!

We were recently voted one of the The Best Online Plant Shops In Australia by! How cool is that?

Writer and content manager of, Lauren Schwartz has put together her top picks featuring the best online stores in Australia to buy and source cool plants. Of course we are stoked to make the cut... we hand pick each and every plant from local growers to ensure our plants are of the highest quality and ready to meet your plant family. 

But we don't just sell plants... we can tailor your plant to suit your home, office or gift (living gifts are great), offer plant advice with tips for the best house plants in the street and we specialise in Aussie made plant food Munash & The Plant Runner (both organic and natural for happy plants). We also have an array of pots and planters to choose from not to mention we stock Aussie made Mr Kitly & Angus & Celeste pots who both have a cult following and finally Aussie designed and made Secatuer Me Baby plant stakes, our absolute favs.

Our Top 3 Healthy Plant Tips

1. DON'T over-water - loving your plants too much can actually kill them. By using a self-watering pot (you can still water from the top), this prevents excess water sitting on you plant roots. Root rot is the number one plant killer!

2. Use white oil (known as Neem oil) to spray your foliage. This not only kills and protects from bugs like the dreaded spider mites, but keeps leaves shiny and hydrated. Also means less likely for bugs to spread between your plants. I tend to do this monthly, or when you see bugs.

3. Have a spray bottle with water handy to spray your plants in the hot months or months where you are running heaters or air conditioning. Both these things remove the humidity from the air and make your plants leaves dry. Spritzing plant foliage is a lovely way to care and show plant love without the need to over water...

4. Cheap and easy ways to keep all plants happy is to give them a shower regularly (tampered water, never use shampoo LOL). This keeps foliage free from dust build up and a great way to water them well and then let them dry out. Sometimes I will even pop my big plants out in a rain storm so the can feel the rain drops on their face. Now this makes happy plants!

5. Finally, buy a plant to suit your needs and environment. If you are a new plant parent, to save the heart break of a plant death, buy a plant suited to you. Ask questions of those selling you a plant so you understand the plants needs. Buy easy care plants like Peace Lilies, Philodendrons or Monstera and work up to the more finicky varieties like Calatheas or Begonias. Always think about where your plant will be living - low light office, hot living room, cool bathroom - this will determine the kind you buy.

Gosh, our love for indoor plants goes way past just the usual indoor plants - we are always on the hunt for new and rare varieties - so you can add to your growing plant collection.

By bare rooting plants, we are able to comfortably send them all over the country (except WA...sorry!) This creates a safe, cool, damp environment for them to travel and when you pop them out the other end, re-pot and give a drink and away they go again. This method allows for periods of travel without damaging your new plant baby!

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 Have you heard of The family run business saw a gap in the market; finding and retaining reliable garden maintenance, so they decided to be a solution to the problem.

From regular mowing to determining the best way to handle a weed, these guys can organise local and reliable gardeners to provide high quality maintenance while providing customer support and sourcing fair pricing. 
They're also a registered provider for NDIS with a designated support staff to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan.