Since 2017 we have donated $50 per month to Days For Girls Australia a global grass roots non for profit organisation creating a better future for girls by providing advocacy, reproductive health education and sustainable feminine hygiene products.
This is so close to our hearts as NO girl should miss school or be shunned for something that is a natural monthly occurrence.


DFG girls have given dignity and self-value so they can become equal participants and agents in social change. Their vision, to have every woman and girl in the world with access to quality sustainable hygiene products and health education. Can you imagine missing school for a week every month and sitting on your bed on leaves or bark or even worse banished to a dirty mud hut for a week? 

This breaks my heart, so our commitment from 2017 to donate $50.00 per month this will help to buy fabric etc. for approximately 5 kits per month. That’s 5 girls whose live will be changed!

12 x 5 = 60 Girls!!! OR it would buy at least 65 face washes (for 65 +kits) OR briefs for approx. 12 kits (2 pr. Per kit)

What’s in the kit?
Each washable kit contains 2 shields, 8 liners a pair of underwear, a washcloth, 2 zip lock bags all contained in a drawstring bag to maintain privacy. Each kit gives a girl 8 months of living back in just 3 years.

How can you help?
Buy supporting small local ethical brands you personally support global change; you help us to do good the good that big corporations don’t do as they put profit before people. Or you can go directly to a cause close to your heart and donate and it doesn’t need to be big remember what just a dollar a day can do.

Sir David Attenborough has expressed his views on gender equality,  he has talked at length about how women are key to the future of the planet. In doing so, he said the only way we can halt overpopulation is by ensuring women have the vote, a decent education and political freedom across the world.

“Where women are given the rights over their own bodies; where they have political independence; where they have medical facilities to enable them to control the number of children they bear; where they are literate; where they have the vote; When those things happen, the birth rate falls. And that is a great start so that should be a lesson to us as to why we should send more help and not less to the parts of the world that face those problems.”

Exactly why we are passionate about supporting positive global change!

This are just a few things we support, there is a lot on a local level at schools and other charitable donations, but these are our major commitments: