So many questions around what we should and shouldn't be wearing...I am exhausted already!
What is my body shape?
What the hell should I be wearing to look fabulous?
What is the most common body shape?
Trends change fast and as you well know we don’t do trends or fast fashion, it’s not always easy to know what is best for our unique (and beautiful!) body shapes. We believe that slow thoughtful capsule wardrobe is best served with a side of what is going to make you feel your best.
As you also know we also don’t do rules at the SQ Studio and rules are always meant to be broken in my opinion, but sometimes some guidelines, not rules can help you better understand your own shape. So, we did a little research, a handy guide to help you look fabulous darling in your own skin. We say play up your most fav features with styles you have (or should have) in your capsule wardrobe.
But first things first, do you know your body shape?
lets look at common body shapes.
The most common body shape is a rectangle, which makes up 46% of women. A rectangle is a woman whose waist is less than nine inches (22.5cm) smaller than her hips or bust.
Known as Athletic Shaped Body Type, aka a rectangle or straight shape.
You may be this body type if…
  • You’re not particularly curvy
  • Your shoulders and hip measurements are nearly the same
  • Your waist isn’t very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down
  • Your weight is fairly, evenly distributed throughout your body
  • Sometimes known as a little boy like, less shape.
Next are the bottom-heavy 'spoons, whose hips are two or more inches (2.5cm per inch) larger than their busts. These account for approximately 20% of the female population.
Known as Pear Shaped Body Type - aka a triangle shape. 
You may be this body type if…
  • Your waist is wider than your bust
  • You consider yourself to have fuller hips
  • You have narrower shoulders in comparison to your hips
  • You have a fuller rear
  • Looks great when you belt your waist to define it 
Third are the inverted triangles - making up about 14% of the population. These are women whose busts are three or more inches larger than their hips.
Apple Shaped Body Type aka Apple.
You may be this body type if…
  • You are generally well-proportioned
  • Your shoulders are broader than your hips
  • You are not necessarily as curvy through your hips
  • You don’t have a well-defined waistline (If you do, you’re likely an hourglass!)
  • Usually have kicking pins though. 
Finally, are the hourglasses, women who have a roughly equal hip and bust, with a narrower waist. These women make up about 8%.
Hourglass Shaped Body Type - aka a curvy shape. 
You may be this body type if…
  • You’d describe your body as curvy
  • You have a well-defined waist
  • Your bust and hip measurements are roughly even
  • You may have fuller bust, hips and thighs
  • All curvy woman I say.
There others if you would like to get technical but I though less maybe more...
Still not 100% sure what body shape you are?
Use this FREE Calculator I found to work out once and for all what your unique shape is. TIP, do have a measuring tape handy!
In our following blogs we will chat on how to dress for each body shape in detail, we have collected so much amazing information over the past 5 years with our retail store feedback from dressing real woman along the way that we are excited can share with you!
But for now we we have our own in store stylist Maddy, she is especially great at understanding what styles suite different body shapes and has a special knack for knowing what colours, accessories and cuts will best suit you.
So if you would like some free styling advice send a pic and your height, dress sizes and any relevant information like (trouble zone, best features, long body, short body) to give Mads a few days and she will send back some great looks suited to you.