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Who thinks wool is ONLY for cold climates?

When it comes to finding the perfect wool scarf, The Spotted Quoll Studio has it all wrapped up. Since 2009, our innovative Tasmanian Company has been creating the highest quality eco-friendly clothing and lifestyle wears, including some of the finest silk, linen and wool scarves you can buy. And, what’s more is they’re all made right here in Australia. Model Freya wears loose weave merino scarf in the new season colour Forest. Model Freya wears loose weave merino scarf in Indigo. Designed to fit in with the current global slow fashion movement, our ladies and men’s scarves are fashioned from the most luxurious materials, including merino wool from the iconic Waverly Woollen Mills, the oldest textile mill in Australia. Our lightweight...

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Can we weave a yarn!

When we talk about "weaving" or "woven" it seems to be a loose term that is used with little or no thought to what that actually means. So today’s blog we explore with you the organic process from fleece (sheep’s back) to finished "woven" product that "you" the consumer buys in store.  Why can we tell this yarn? Mind the pun. Our collaboration with the iconic Waverley Woollen Mills, established in 1874 the oldest textile mill in Australia still operating from its original site in Tasmania.  Over 135 years, a dynasty of master weavers handed down their knowledge, skills and passion, despite modernisation, advances in technology and wool innovation, some things remain unchanged – the journey from farm to fleece, fibre to fabric remains an organic...

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I design.

 I design. What does this even mean anyway? Well as glamourous as "I am a designer" sounds I can assure you it isn’t as glam as it might sound... As a founder of The SQ Studio an Australian responsible fashion and home wares label in Tasmania and mother to a 4.5 year boy called Eli my life is anything but. I am designer, I am sales staff, I am marketing, I am creative director, I am boss lady, I am cleaner, I am warehouse girl, I am order packer, problem solver, lady who pays everyone, sometimes I am sure bitch lady, general dogs body, mamma and partner to a very patient man that for some reason or another puts up...

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What does Autumn mean to you vignette?

Well for me I think of storms which makes for great surf, I start drinking red wine instead of white usually Goaty Hill Wines pinto, my Cocobean Chocolate intake increases and of course no one could miss the golden leaves that fall around us, crunch underfoot with the promise of winter. Really for me Autumn is a magic time of year and every year I feel full of inspiration and creativity more so than at any other time of the year. Let your creative juices fly, show us what Autumn means to you & WIN $500 Voucher to spend on some Autumn goodies for you or home!! So I thought what better time to launch a Monumental Competition! What does Autumn mean...

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Why Bamboo is the BOMB!!!

Bamboo fabric had me at NO iron, but then it feels like silk and is totally amazing to wash and wear what isn't there to LOVE! Bamboo is breathable and so cool to wear plus incredibly hydrophilic, absorbing more water than other conventional fibres such as cotton and polyester.   Bamboo Storm top in Oyster paired with printed bamboo scarf in Feather:    Merino & Bamboo Two Way Top in Black & Oyster, paired with Ocean Bamboo Scarf; Bamboo is one of the few sustainable fabrics to grow as it does not require the use of pesticides and grows very quickly in favourable conditions. Bamboo fabric has a natural anti-bacterial property that is maintained in the fabric, meaning that bamboo fabric does not require the...

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